Where Have Flowers Withered To?

A poem by Simon N.
I seek love in the vast sea, but could not find salt for the heart. 
Where have the solemn waves gone, leaving sand pleading for life?
I seek love in the spacious field, but could not find verdure for the soul.
Where have the flowers withered to, leaving land empty and crude?

I desperately search for love, only to find bitterness. 
I wish to eat life's sweet fruits, but have to accept sour seeds.
Why do I live in this world of emptiness?
Why is my life wasted in the cycle of sadness?

Only one who wept knows the bliss of laughter.
Only one who tasted loss knows the pain of loneliness.
Only one who suffered heartbreak knows the meaning of love.

I am just a hapless dory, floating quietly in the tumultuous sea. 

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