Movie Sense

Part of the Human Comedy series
Who knew an old movie borrowed from the local library could be full of intrigues? The movie tells the story of the most beautiful woman in the world, who is loved and desired by every man.

Right away, we learn the role of the young 18-year-old beauty is played by a 50-year-old actress, who incidentally looks and acts like a 50-year-old woman. But the story does not end there. The character would later bear a daughter, who grows up to also be the world’s most beautiful woman. Since the character is now a mother and is supposedly aged, the 50-year-old actress is abruptly replaced by another actress.

But guess who stars as the daughter, the “new” most desirable woman on earth? It’s that 50-year-old actress again. The numerous young men who fall in love with the character are half her age or more. What worse is the fact this actress actually looks much older than the lady who now plays the mother. What horror!

Perhaps, age is really just a number.

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