Lady Tiger Tamer

Part of the Dream Traveler series

I once came across a majestic mountain called Mt. Lady Tiger Tamer. On the mountain lies a beautiful temple, devoted to the worshiping of a young heroine.

Some years ago, the mountain was terrorized by a ferocious white tiger who made prey of local villagers. The tiger attacked its victims during nighttime and retreated back to its cave at daybreak. The villagers were in constant fear for their lives. Many left the village seeking a safer place to live.

The young daughter of the village's chief wanted to save the village from the tiger's terror; she decided to take matters into her own hands. After consuming a sizable dose of poisonous herbs, the girl set out to confront the man-eating tiger.

Her mutilated body was later found near the tiger's cave; the white tiger was discovered dead not too far away. Apparently, the young girl used herself as poisonous bait to snare the tiger. Upon devouring the girl, the tiger got poisoned and succumbed to its death.

To commemorate the girl's heroic deed, the villagers built a temple to worship her and renamed the mountain after her.


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