Japanese Kimono

Part of the Traditional Dress series

Nothing is more Japanese than the kimono, Japan's traditional dress. The dress is described as a weightless robe with wide sleeves and purposeful collars. Women's kimonos are renowned for their audacious colors and elegant embroideries. Men's kimonos, on the other hand, are decisively unadorned. Unlike traditional dresses of other countries, kimonos are used both for ceremonial purposes and for daily life. The dress is also the default wedding garment for both Japanese men and women. Housewives and older Japanese often don kimonos at home.

As most kimonos are made of silk, the dress is an exceptionally comfortable wear. However, there is one caveat. Kimonos are rather pricey. A well-made kimono can cost in the neighborhood of several thousand dollars. The cost of maintaining the dress is, unfortunately, also very steep. 

It is a popular tradition that a kimono be passed down to future generations. For example, a mother would give her kimono (which she might have received from her mother or mother in law) to her daughter who would then give it to her future daughter. 

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