Forest of Death

Part of the Human Comedy series
May contain incomplete facts
Located at the base of the world’s famous Mount Fuji is a forest called Aokigahara. This forest has many infamous nicknames – Forest of Death, Suicide Forest and Sea of Trees. There are many eerie things about this place that spook human outsiders. Some claim the forest is an eternal maze, trapping its victims inside with few escape paths. Others claim it has high levels of paranormal activities. One thing is clear, however. Suicidal people in Japan love to use this forest as their final resting place. Each year, hundreds of Japanese attempt suicide in Aokigahara, with hanging being the most popular method. Some suicidal survivors claim they were drawn to the forest because of the convoluted sense of direction. This means their loved ones won’t be able to easily locate them in the forest in an attempt to stop the suicide.

To help keep the forest clean and sanitized, local authorities conduct monthly sweeps to remove dead bodies and trash. Additionally, a sign is posted at the forest’s entrance, urging life-weary visitors to think about their children and family before committing the unfortunate act.

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