The Phais were the wealthiest clan in a mountainous region. Not surprisingly, their compound was a prime target for robbers and thieves. Although the family owned many guarding dogs, the thieves had repeatedly outwitted even the most ferocious of canine.

In hope of alleviating the problem, the Phais sent hunters to nearby mountains to capture the notorious wolves that lived there. They then had the best animal trainers in the region domesticating the wolves. The results were quite good. The wolves proved to be great deterrents against thieves and even armed robbers. Additionally, they made great pets; the Phais even let them freely roam their compound.

One day, the Phais left home to conduct some business. They entrusted the care of their 3-month-old infant to his wet nurse. When they returned home, they discovered the most shocking of things. Let just say they will never again have wolves as house pets.


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