Time Capsule - 2009

USPS - Year of the Ox
Save the Lobsters!
A friend of mine who lives in Boston recently paid me a visit; he brought with him half a dozen (still living) lobsters as gifts. I personally found these lobsters to be the ultimate survivors. They survived the brutal capture, two days in a container (tied up with no food), a 6-hour flight, and three days in my fridge (under freezing temperature). The lobsters, in due course, ended up in my stomach, but they were very much alive before my cooking took hold.

Pardon My Transgressions
Superstar golfer Tiger Woods recently released a statement in which he apologized to fans and family for his past transgressions. Minutes after the statement was released, the term “transgression” became one of Google’s most searched terms. But the story does not end there. Tiger subsequently announced an indefinite leave from golf. The word “indefinite” instantly became another most searched term. Two things we can learn from this incident: 1) Humans are curious creatures. 2) Bookworms are a near-extinct species.

Hate, with a Passion
Something rather amusing happened a few days ago. An unidentified guest decided that it was worthwhile to vote almost 200 times in a poll -- embedded in my short critique of a Picasso’s painting. Based on the person’s voting preference, he or she was apparently not a fan of the famous painter. Nonetheless, I do find myself admiring the person’s zeal. I don’t think I would have the patience to vote 200 times just to make a point. Perhaps the person is a hacker and was able to avoid the tedious hassle. But hackers probably have better things to do than to hack an art poll.

My Sugar Jar
Something strange happened to me the other day. I opened my sugar jar and saw coffee grounds in there. I had no idea where the coffee grounds came from, since I don’t drink coffee. But as I attempted to remove the coffee grounds from the jar, I discovered something quite shocking. Those weren’t coffee grounds; they were actually dead ants -- millions of them. My guess is that the ants must have had a fatal allergic reaction to the sugar in the jar. Or maybe they were bored and decided to end their miserable lives.

Flu Bug
Due to the flu bug, I have not been able to visit any of my favorite blogs. Early indications suggest that it is not swine flu. My hope is that none of my blog friends will be quarantined, as a result of his or her visit to my blog. Hopefully, everything will turn out well.

Youthful Persistence
A 68-year old South Korean woman recently passed the written exam for a driver’s license after 949 failed attempts. After hearing this news story, I am pondering a move to South Korea. Here in America, you are likely to be given a free pass after about 10 tries. But I am too principled to accept it.

East Asian Games
Hong Kong recently played host to the East Asian Games. This competition is typically low-key; most participating countries usually only send their B-team or C-team to the event. This was also true for the Hong Kong’s event, with one exception; China sent their best athletes to the event. The country would have easily won the competition anyway, but China wanted to beat the dead horse so to speak. Well, their plan succeeded but I don’t think victory is just as sweet.


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