Awake to Spring

Among the seasons, I like spring the best. Every time spring comes, it is like opening up a new page in life and starting everything anew. Spring is the time when the flowers display their colors, the songbirds sing their favorite tunes, and the swallows seek their annual thrills upon the open sky. Even the occasional showers could not dampen one's spirit, only bringing symphonic tunes to one's ears. Spring is the ambassador of life, rejuvenating both body and soul.

Whenever I talk about spring, I could not help but to remember my second uncle whom I was very fond of. My uncle lived very far away from our house. I did not get to meet him very often. Every two years or so, he would make a visit to our house. Each time, he brought with him a special gift just for me. One time during his visit, he took me out to the backyard and gave me a small box. I opened the box and saw a handful of seeds. At that time, I did not know what type of seeds they were. But then again, I didn't really need to know.

My uncle smiled, tapped me on the shoulder and said. “My boy. Take these seeds, plant them and fertilize the soil. A beautiful tree will grow from this. You may not see me everyday, but my spirit will always be with you.” That was the very last time I saw him. He died shortly after the visit.

From that day on, I did exactly as told. I planted the seeds, watered them and saturated them with sunshine. After all that, only one survived. I watched it grow from a little bulb into a full-grown tree. It turned out that the tree bears the most sourly-tasted fruits in existence (an exaggeration). But there is something magical about it. Every spring and at almost the exact same date on the calendar, the tree yields the most beautiful blossoms I have ever seen.

I finally understand what my uncle was trying to teach me. Through the planting and caring of the tree, I have come to appreciate the importance of life. I learned to nurture, value and cherish it. As a result, my life thus far has been a happy and fulfilling one.

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