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The people of Utopia Town were in a celebratory mood; the Queen just announced that she will be visiting the town in a few months time. Knowing how much the Queen loved tulip flowers, the townspeople prepared a splendid tulip garden -- to be presented to the queen upon her visit. Unfortunately, spring came late this year; the flowers won’t be able to bloom in time for the Queen’s visit. The townspeople, however, were determined to not let a late spring ruin their plan. The town mayor sent people to nearby towns to purchase cut tulips and embedded them in and around the garden.

When the townspeople showed the Queen their magnificent garden, she was impressed; the tulips were so lovely. The Queen enjoyed the flowers so much that she decided to personally pick a few from the garden to further her appreciation of their beauty. It was then that she realized these were cut tulips; the garden was nothing more than a ruse.

As one would expect, the townspeople were quite embarrassed by the revelation. But to everyone’s amazement, the Queen simply ignored the nuisance. She pretended as though nothing had happened. The Queen even went on to praise the townspeople for cultivating such a lovely garden, and rewarded them handsomely for their effort.

Commentary: See the big picture and avoid pettiness.


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