Poetry - In Exile

A poem by Simon N.
My homeland
Is where the river flows,
And where the tall grass dance
And where the crickets chirp
In a warm summer night.

My homeland
Is where the rooster crows,
And where the piglets oink
And where young ducks wobble
In a howling winter morning. 


If you chance upon my land,
Do me a favor and tell the river to stop grieving
Because better days are ahead.

If you encounter the old faithful oak,
Offer him a little hug
And spare him a tickle or two.

If you pass by the field of crops,
Don’t forget to take a short respite
To smell the sweet tomatoes
And fragrant rice.

If you come across a wooden house,
Sandwiched between the coconut trees,
Gently awaken him from his long slumber
And tell him to prepare for his master’s return - someday.

If you meet the people,
Returning home after a long work day,
Tell them to cease their longing
And live outside the shadow of unhappiness
And of sorrows.

Oh Stranger! Why life has to be so despondent,
So unfair, so full of conflicts?
Oh Stranger! Will my last wish ever be fulfilled?


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