True Love

Story by Judy Winters

Luke, a devoted fan of Shakespeare, had been embarking on a desperate search for his dream woman -- a modern incarnation of Juliet. Despite earnest efforts, he never seemed to come across the perfect woman. Two failed marriages later, he was still at square one. Each of his ex-wives possessed a certain quality he was looking for. None of them, however, encompassed all the traits. When Luke was about to give up on his quest for true love, he met Flora.

Immediately upon meeting her, he was enchanted by her beauty, tempting smile and heavenly charm. After a persistent and passionate courting, Flora finally agreed to marry him. Luke was the happiest man on the face of the earth. Unfortunately, their marriage was plagued with turmoil and turbulence. Luke’s personality sharply contrasted hers. He was a quiet man who enjoyed reading the classics and listening to works of Mozart and Bach. She was an energetic woman, who loved rock and liked to hang out late.

It wasn’t long before the marriage fell apart. Luke was once again confined to his perennial state of loneliness. Having learned a great deal from his unsuccessful marriages, he came to realize the perfect woman he envisioned may not actually exist. What followed was a shift in focus. Setting unrealistic goals aside, he was now looking for a loving wife whom he could share the rest of his life with.

Luke had always heard how ideal Japanese wives are. Determined to get it right this time, he moved to Tokyo and married a local woman named Eri. Luke’s Japanese wife was a wonderful human being. She was a superb housewife and a terrific cook. Unlike his last wife, Eri was rather timid and very accommodating. The best part about her was her willingness to listen. In fact, the couple never once had an argument.

Yet, there was something missing in their relationship. Conversations between Luke and Eri were almost nonexistent; she always seemed to agree with him in everything. Although Luke really loved his wife, Eri’s submissiveness irritated him quite a bit. He did not want his wife to be a Barbie doll. He wanted her to stand up for herself and show some impassioned emotions (for better or for worse.)

After much thought, Luke finally came up with a plan he hoped would help arouse some boldness and passion in his wife. First, he asked a female colleague to pretend to be his mistress. Next, he brought her home for dinner -- with his wife present. Eri, however, displayed absolutely no signs of jealousy when confronting her husband’s female friend. Even when the two exchanged gestures of intimacy, she remained impassive -- much to Luke’s dismay.

After dinner, Erin was nowhere to be found. She was later found in the bedroom setting up the bed. When he asked why she was doing that, Eri gave the most shocking of answers. She was preparing the bed so his “mistress” could stay for the night. Luke and his friend were utterly stunned and speechless.


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