The Reunion

Based on an Asian folktale
Retold by Simon N.
Once upon a time, there were two identical twins who fell in love with the same girl. The girl ended up married to the older brother. The younger brother returned home from work one day, greeted by his sister-in-law who mistook him for her husband and addressed him as such. The older brother witnessed the incident and was unhappy. From that time on, he kept a distance from his brother.

Seeing that his brother will never again be happy if he was still around, the younger twin quietly packed up and left for a long journey. At the end of his journey, he died of exhaustion and turned into a limestone.

When the older brother learned of the reason behind the misunderstanding, he went out to find his brother. In his search, he encountered a strange-looking limestone at the side of a river.

The older brother decided to take a break next to the limestone. As he was sleeping, he dreamed of his brother dying and calling out for him. When the older brother woke up, he was depressed and wept bitterly. He eventually succumbed to his death and turned into a tree.

After months without news of her husband, the wife decided to go to look for him. She searched far and wide but could not find any trace of her husband. By chance, the wife also reached the location of the limestone and the tree. Physically drained from her journey, she took a respite under the shade tree. There she saw in her dream her husband and his brother together again, just like in the old days. The wife passed away in her sleep and turned into a vine plant that coiled around the tree.

The three people were finally together again.

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