The Death of My Autumn

A poem by Simon Nguyen
She came on an autumn day

and left in a gentle breeze.

In my dream, I hear her footsteps.

But she is far, far away

on somebody else’s road.

O Autumn! Why thou hast to leave in such haste?

Why not stay for a moment longer,

so dying leaves can bid farewell

to their maternal roots?

I am writing a love letter

whose destination is unknown.

Let the swamp-hen be my messenger,

and westerly winds her companions.

O my love! I thought vows are not meant to be broken.

Have you forgotten the aroma of brownish leaves,

parallel rows of deciduous trees

and the magnificent sight of day-end?

But memories are probably just memories.

She has moved on from the foregone love,

leaving behind a lifeless shadow

and lovelorn heart.

O Autumn! Why thou hast to leave in such haste

and let Old Winter conquer one’s wounded spirit?


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