Nostalgia for the Jungle

A poem by Simon Nguyen
Long live days of yore! 

Lush green, thick vines, 
What a beauty! 

Free to roam, 
Roar without qualms. 

Some days full, 
Some days starved. 

O what a life! 
Was it a dream? 

How I long for days foregone. 


Once a king of the jungle, 
now a hapless prisoner 
befriending stoic cats, 
neighboring petty bears. 

How I loathe those curious eyes 
treating me like a toy, 
a visual spectacle. 

How I loathe those arrogant souls 
wanting to be my equals, 
taunting me at every turn. 

How I loathe Nature’s wannabes: 
the static scenery, well-trimmed grass & misplaced rocks. 

To whomever brought me to this land: 
give me back my dignity. 

Set me free!


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