My Country and I

A poem by Simon Nguyen
This work is dedicated to my soldier friend and the love he has for his country. God Bless America!
From the time
I was still in my mother’s womb,
I have learned to country.
Every night,
The voice of my homeland whispers in my ears
And the spirit of my nation tantalizes my soul.

I am listening to the nightingales,
Whistling their piercing crescendo,
And remember yesterday’s memories.
Feelings from a love long ago suddenly return
And make me dream of a better tomorrow.


I reunite with my childhood neighbor,
Who charms me with her heavenly smile.
But I have fallen in love with another,
Who has stolen every bit of my soul.

I am in love with the waves of the sea,
Caressing my homeland from end to end.
I am in love with the fruited plains,
Looking out for me from the center of the land.
I am in love with the skyscrapers, the winds,
And the heroes of my country.
Washington, Lincoln, Roosevelt.....
Whose names have I not mentioned?
The heroes of the past, present and future.

Let passing time bear witness to sadness and joys.
Let all dreams be unwavering lights.
Let tomorrow be a better day.

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